Love to love your breasts more?

Let Breast Implant Melbourne show you excellent options and ideas for improving your looks and your life!

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Love to love your breasts more?

Let us show you your options and other ideas in improving your looks and your life!

Contact us now and we will be more than happy to help you!

Wondering what breast augmentation is?

Breast augmentation is surgical procedure of enhancing or enlarging your breasts using breast implants. Incision along the breast fold, around the nipple, or in a crease on the armpit will be done depending on the patient’s preference.

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Wondering what breast augmentation is?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure offered by Breast Implants Melbourne for enhancing or enlarging your breasts using breast implants. This breast implant is inserted through an incision along the breast fold, around the nipple, or in a crease on the armpit will be done depending on the patient’s preference. This makes your breasts look more youthful and your silhouette curvier.

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Saline or Silicone breast implants?

Breast Implants Melbourne offers different types of breast implants. Saline-filled breast implants, or implants that were filled with sterile salt water, were popularly used before because the old version of the silicone implants tends to easily rupture and leak. However, saline implants have the tendency to ripple heavily and may be visibly palpable because its density is very different from a natural breast tissue. More and more cosmetic surgery facilities choose to use silicone breast implants as they now have a thicker silicone shell, making them look and feel more like a natural breast.


Round or teardrop breast implants?

Round breast implants form more upper breast fullness while teardrop implants form an attractive and natural drape on the lower part of the breast, making it look more natural from the collarbone to the nipple area. Round implants can be inserted through any augmentation incision site, while teardrop implants need to be inserted only through an incision under the breast or along the breast folds. Both provide fuller forms of the breasts and the choice relies on the patient’s preference and what is suitable for their body build. Contact Breast Implants Melbourne to know what suits your preference.


Why undergo breast augmentation?

Beauty is skin deep, so they say. For us at Breast Implants Melbourne, anyone is entitled to look and feel good about themselves. And if one would consider having breast augmentation as the solution to improve their well-being and their overall health, then Breast Implants Melbourne is more than ready to help you achieve that. You may feel dissatisfied about your breast size and shape, or you experienced an accident, life event, or sickness that altered the shape of your breasts. The decision to undergo breast augmentation should always be made personal and with a sound mind.

About Us

We, at Breast Implants Melbourne, are a team of professional and highly experienced cosmetic/reconstructive surgeons whose only aim is to help and guide you achieve your body’s best potential through cosmetic reconstruction and enhancement. Breast Implants Melbourne is a group of experts in the field of cosmetic surgery and is considered one of the best all over Australia. We employ reliable and professionally certified physician assistants and clinic staff to cater to all your needs and address all your concerns. We utilize the best surgical equipment and perform modern approaches to cosmetic surgery procedures in sterile and top-of-the-line facilities found at the heart of Melbourne.


Of Risks and Complications

As with any surgical procedures, risks and complications are present however hard you try to prevent them from happening. It is the patient’s responsibility, of course, to decide and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such procedure before even deciding to push through with them. No decision about cosmetic surgery should be rushed. Contact Breast Implants Melbourne so we can assure you that your safety is always a priority.

Two of the most common risks and complications that may be present during and after breast augmentation are as follows:

This risk may be present during or after the surgery. Antibiotics after the surgery are given to avoid such, but the presence of infection may still be experienced especially by patients who continue to smoke even after the procedure. It is a known fact that smoking affects the normal healing process of the body, prolonging it and allowing the body to be susceptible to post-operative infections.

We at Breast Implants Melbourne perform our surgical procedures as careful as possible to prevent risks for infection.

Capsular Contracture
This happens after the surgery when scar formation around the breast implant called a capsule thickens and would at times harden and compress the implant itself. This causes the breast to attain a misshapen form, become tender and hard to the touch. Repair and removal of the scar tissue are needed, but there is no guarantee that this complication will not recur.

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All About Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants: Under The Muscle Or In Front Of The Muscle
  • Submuscular (Under the Muscle)

The breast implant will be inserted under the pectoral muscle or your chest muscle, creating a natural appearance because the muscle provides extra coverage on the sides of the implant, preventing any incidence of wrinkling or rippling. This approach is said to lessen the chances of capsular contracture, eventual sagging of the breast, and noted interference on breastfeeding.

  • Subglandular (Over/In front of the Muscle)

The breast implant is placed in between the breast tissue itself and the pectoral muscle. This approach is preferred for those with mild sagging of the breast, and those who put excess force in the chest muscle like athletes, weightlifters, or heavy builders.

Breast Implants Melbourne offers both approaches depending on your preference and the condition of your physique. Discuss with your Melbourne surgeon these options.

Incision Site Options
  • Inframammary

This is the incision along the breast fold or your “underboob”. The most popular among all the incision types, any size of breast implant can be inserted through this site. Since it is located below the breast, drains after surgery will not be necessary as gravity will do its part in draining the surgical wound. The only concern for this type is the scarring because although it is covered when the patient is standing, it is visible while lying down. Moreover, Melbourne patients with brown skin may tend to have their scars be more visible.

  • Transaxillary

This incision site is found on an unnoticeable fold on the armpit. No scar will be found on the breast and this route is more preferable for patients with brown skin or who are keloid formers. The downside of this site is that only round breast implants can be inserted. After the surgery, drains are always inserted to facilitate drainage of the surgical site. Moreover, if there will be any revision that needs to be done, a new incision preferably the inframammary route will be utilized.

  • Periareolar

This is done with the incision present around the edge of the areola. Since the site is near the pigmented part of the breast, scarring will almost be invisible. However, such a small incision site could limit the size of the implant to be inserted. Also, during the procedure, milk ducts around the nipple may be prone to damage and may, therefore, affect breastfeeding in the future. Moreover, like the transaxillary site, another incision would be performed if repair in the future is needed.

  • Transumbilical

This breast augmentation site is located through the navel. No visible incision or scarring will be visible near the breast. This is not a popular or common site used for breast augmentation in Australia. It is too far from the breast that use of anesthesia may be a bit of a challenge. Also, during the procedure, some surgical instruments may leave indentations on the abdominal area. And just like any other incision site that is not inframammary, a second incision site will be needed if future repair of the implant is required.

Contact Breast Implants Melbourne so we can further discuss each option. Book an appointment now!

Things to expect after surgery
First week

  • More often than not, Melbourne patients are allowed to go home the same day the procedure was performed. However, you must secure someone to drive for you since the effect of the anesthesia is still present in your body.
  • Drains, if any, will be removed the next day and your breasts may be supported by dressing gauzes, bandages, or a surgical support bra that will also assist in gaining your breast shape.
  • Your breasts may look swollen and feel hard and painful. Your cosmetic/reconstructive surgeon will be prescribing you with medications to alleviate these discomforts.

Few weeks

  • You are expected to report to your cosmetic/reconstructive surgeon regularly during this time to review and assess the overall condition of your breasts and the implants.
  • You are prohibited from doing any strenuous activity that would strain or present force to your chest.
  • Sleeping position to best suit you would be on your back with some pillows propped to give additional support on your breasts.

Few months

  • Your Breast Implants Melbourne surgeon may allow you to return to work with some restrictions with regard to movement and exertion. Upper body exercises may also be gradually allowed.
  • Your desired shape and size will be noticeable during this time as the swelling, bruising, and/or pain would have subsided by now.
  • Your cosmetic/reconstructive surgeon will require you for regular check-ups and several routine mammograms to further assess the status and integrity of the breast augmentation procedure.

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