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We have heard a lot about breast augmentation and breast implants before and after the procedure, and we begin to think that we know all about how this cosmetic surgery takes place and what we should expect after the operation. But do you really know the reality of what it means to undergo breast augmentation? Here, we will track down the expectations on Breast implants before and after the procedure versus the reality of it.


Breast implants before and after the procedure: Breast augmentation is popular and simple

Yes, breast augmentation is indeed one of the most common and wanted cosmetic surgery procedures all over the world. The frequency of performing this procedure may make it sound simple and basic, but it is definitely not. It is still considered major surgery, especially if combined with other surgery options like breast lift and tummy tuck. But even if performed as a solo operation, breast augmentation surgery still needs the expert skills of a licensed plastic surgeon and not just some medical doctor calling themselves cosmetic surgeons. Failing to get the best surgeon to do the surgery puts you at a high risk for complication and dissatisfaction of the results.


Breast implants before and after the procedure: Breast augmentation is only for narcissists

Breast augmentation, like any other breast surgery, aims to give your body a sexier and more beautiful silhouette with proportionate breasts and body contour. Some patients want to do it because they are not satisfied with how their body shape looks, but that is not always superficial. Some patients went through a tough time after dealing with a debilitating disease like cancer, or an accident that significantly damaged their breasts, so having natural-looking replacements make them feel normal, healthy, and confident to go on with their lives and relate with other people.



Breast implants before and after the procedure: Breast implants can last a lifetime

Unfortunately, it can’t. The US FDA may give approved breast implants a life span of 10 years before the need for them to get replaced. However, sadly, some patients experience having to undergo revision surgery because the implants need to be changed, either due to implant failure, or a complication that happened during the recovery phase. That is why FDA and other health organisations advise breast augmentation patients to have their MRI scans taken once every three years and mammogram yearly so that the integrity of the implants gets checked and monitored regularly.


Breast implants before and after the procedure: You can get the biggest boobs that you want

Technically, this is right, but only if your body can accommodate the breast implants. You see, your breast implants should, first and foremost, match your body and not the other way around. Getting breast implants that are too heavy or too big for your body built will not only look fake but will also pose for potentially severe complications in the end. Take, for example, what happened to Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. She underwent breast augmentation earlier in her career, only to have it removed and later on replaced by smaller breast implants so it would be more comfortable. In this case, bigger is not always better.


These are just some of the myths and fantasies that people mistake about breast augmentation. We hope that we helped you set your expectations straight and improve your knowledge with regard to breast implants before and after the procedure.

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