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So you have decided that you want to have breast augmentation. You read online about how and what you should prepare before and after the surgery. You also researched about what to expect and how the surgeon performs the whole procedure. Only one factor is left – the breast implants cost.


Breast implants cost in Australia: Why is it so vague?

If you have done your research, you definitely came across most cosmetic clinics or surgeon’s websites showing you every bit of information about breast augmentation, except for one thing. Yes, it wouldn’t show you a specific breast implants cost. No matter how hard you try to find it online, everything about breast augmentation cost seems vague. Some websites would give you a price range of how much their cosmetic services would cost but would later inform you that those are just rough estimates and your procedure may have an additional cost. Why is it hard to know the breast implants cost online?


The answer is simple but complicated. The law does not allow them to. According to the Medical Board of Australia, a surgeon or cosmetic surgery clinic can divulge information about a procedure cost IF they specify the actual price. There should be no price ranges involved. This part makes it more difficult that no plastic surgeon or any cosmetic surgery establishment can and will include the information on their website.



Breast implants cost in Australia: Why does it vary?

It would have been easier for both the medical provider and the patient to know a specific price for a cosmetic surgery procedure, like breast augmentation, right? However, not all patients have the same situation or condition. Some patients’ health condition would need extra attention from the surgeon, while some are simple.



Breast implants cost in Australia: How much is it?

Based on the information we got from breast augmentation patients and medical providers, breast implants cost in Australia is around $8000 to $15000. That would be a comfortable price range that could help you prepare financially about this procedure.


Breast Implants cost in Australia: What comprises it?

Here is a clear estimate of the breast implants cost in Australia per component:

Surgeon’s fee: Ranges from $4000 to $6000

Anaesthetist’s fee: Ranges from $500 to $1000

Hospital fees: Ranges from $1000 to $1500

Materials used: Ranges from $1000 to $1500

Follow-up consultations: Ranges from $200 to $300 per visit


Variations from these estimates would happen depending on the individual need of the patient, the procedural method or technique that the surgeon performs, and the complexity of the procedure itself.


When you start preparing for the breast augmentation procedure, arm yourself with reliable information about the whole process from start to finish. It is best to discuss all your concerns to your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation so that no detail about the surgery will be left unnoticed.



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