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When thinking about getting breast enhancements and all other cosmetic surgery procedures that are now available on the market, one cannot discount the importance of their price. Knowing how much surgery would cost is always a big part of the decision-making process when it comes to finding the best procedure, surgeon, or clinic. Having a specific budget and still achieve the improvement you want to have makes your beauty goals convenient and hassle-free. So, when the talk of breast implants Thailand is offering to be half the price of what is normally offered here in Australia, a lot of women began considering this as a good opportunity to reach their body’s best potential without breaking the bank. But is it really worth it?


Breast Implants Thailand: The implants

There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of medical supplies manufacturers who offer breast implants in all sizes, shapes, fillings, and textures. However big or small, firm or soft, smooth or textured you would want or need your implant to be, a specific kind will always be available. However, not all brands and types of implants available for use are of the same quality and safety standards. Plastic surgeons and cosmetic clinics who offer lower-priced breast augmentation procedures may use low-end breast implants to justify the affordability of their services. Make sure that you know the brand and other information about the breast implants Thailand doctors would use on you so you can ensure your safety and your procedure’s efficiency.



Breast Implants Thailand: The doctor

Anywhere in the world, doctors who practice plastic surgery procedures should be licensed and board-certified to perform such complex techniques and methods. We all know that any surgical procedure, whether minor or major, can impact your overall well-being, so choosing the best surgeon to perform your operation, like breast augmentation, is of utmost importance. Just like choosing the best breast implants Thailand can offer, get the services of the most suitable plastic surgeon who you can entrust your safety by asking for referrals or recommendations from friends and family who may have undergone the procedure before you. Their experience and satisfaction will speak volumes about how reliable and capable the doctor is in delivering quality services and results.


Breast Implants Thailand: The cost

It is a fact that Australia has one of the highest procedural costs known when it comes to plastic surgery. The expenses you would need to prepare when planning to have a cosmetic enhancement can really set you back thousands of dollars, and their prices vary for a single procedure. Yes! Imagine getting breast augmentation from one surgeon in Melbourne for $6000 and another would charge you $12000 for the very same procedure in Sydney! This variation gets affected by a lot of factors including the expertise of the surgeon, the technique and specialisation of your doctor, and the material used, among other things. So when news broke that breast implants Thailand offers cost half the price of what is being offered here, it was common sense that a lot of Australian women would make the switch of getting Thai services instead. The breast implants Thailand doctors provide their patients range from $3400 to $4500, and they even offer financing options and other affordable payment plans to their potential clients. Now, that is a sweet deal that no woman can resist, right?


Breast Implants Thailand: The verdict

There is no doubt that getting breast augmentation outside of the country is now a trend that is part of medical tourism. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia offer cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments that are just too tempting and affordable to ignore. Even the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons admit that they cannot seem to compete with the demand to have beauty enhancement surgeries abroad when it comes to the cost. What they can only remind Australians is to ensure that their personal safety is their top priority. They can do this by following these simple reminders:

  1. Check the credibility of the doctor and practice that would perform your surgery.
  2. Ask necessary questions about the materials to be used, the recovery period, the risks or potential complications, etc.
  3. Confirm the package inclusions to make your budget allowance feasible and realistic.
  4. Be sure that the procedure is the best option for you to look and feel your best.

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