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There are so many articles on the internet talking about breastfeeding with breast implants. Some would say that having breast implants hindered them from producing breastmilk for their babies, while others would convince readers that breastfeeding with breast implants is still possible. This article will give you a deeper understanding of the following questions:

  • Is breastfeeding with breast implants possible?
  • Is breastfeeding with breast implants safe?
  • How can I perform breastfeeding with breast implants effectively?

Is breastfeeding with breast implants possible?

Yes! If having breast augmentation clearly hinders a woman from breastfeeding, this cosmetic procedure will be strictly prohibited for women who are having future family plans. The only risk that women should be aware of before undergoing breast augmentation is that some part of the cosmetic procedure may or may not affect their future breastfeeding plan. Your breasts’ milk production capacity will be affected in the future depending on how the breast implants are positioned, how much are left of the glandular tissue responsible for milk production, how the milk ducts inside your breasts are affected by the surgery, and how the scarring around your breasts would limit you from producing milk. Breastmilk production will not be totally obstructed by breast augmentation, but it could somehow affect the amount of breastmilk you produce, as with other factors like the baby’s latch, breast positioning, and proper breastfeeding techniques.

Is breastfeeding with breast implants safe?


This question about breastfeeding after breast augmentation is very common especially in breastfeeding forums and online chat groups for breastfeeding mothers. There are pro-breastfeeding advocates who condemn the safety of breastfeeding with breast implants for the simple reason that when breast implants, especially silicone gel-filled ones, gets ruptured while breastfeeding, it would theoretically ‘mix’ with the breastmilk. There is no scientific study or basis that would support this claim up to this day, and many organizations say that breastfeeding post-breast augmentation is still safe. It is best to discuss your worries and concerns with your plastic surgeon so that you will be clearly led to understanding all the facts about your plans for breastfeeding in the future.


How can I perform breastfeeding with breast implants effectively?

All mothers aim at breastfeeding their babies successfully, and women who are breastfeeding with breast implants also want the same thing. While some parts of the breast augmentation procedure may affect the amount of breastmilk a woman can produce, this cosmetic procedure should not hinder women from breastfeeding. We should know the usual factors that affect women from producing breastmilk and find ways to address each one effectively. Issues with the baby’s latching ability, the correct positioning in breastfeeding, external factors like stress, and other usual culprits that affect breastmilk production should be known and understood.


We all know that your breastmilk is still the best source of nutrition for your baby. Your body’s and your baby’s ‘liquid gold’ is how others refer to breastmilk. Clear communication with your doctor and your baby’s pediatrician is very important when talking about breastfeeding with breast implants. Imparting their knowledge and letting them help you in performing breastfeeding well will benefit not just you but the overall health of your baby.

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