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So you have been thinking about getting your breasts enhanced. You have researched about the different breast implant sizes, shapes, and textures until you have stumbled upon teardrop breast implants. Let us discover the pros and cons of using teardrop breast implants for your breast augmentation procedure. This could give you a better understanding if this type of implants best suit your needs and preference.


Teardrop breast implants

This type of breast implants come in many names – anatomic, shaped, or more recently, gummy bears breast implants. As the name suggests, teardrop breast implants are shaped with a fuller lower base and a narrower upper end, much like how a teardrop is formed. Most teardrop breast implants are filled with cohesive silicone gel, making them feel softer but firm and stable like natural breasts.


The pros and cons of teardrop breast implants


The pros:

It takes on the natural shape of the breasts. The anatomical shape of these implants mimics the natural form of the breasts. While round implants enhance the size of the breasts as well as a woman’s breast cleavage, teardrop breast implants make a subtle but noticeable improvement in the size and projection of the breasts. Using this type of implants gives you a better sideboob like naturally bigger boobs possess.

Most teardrop breast implants are textured. These implants are made of textured shell casings that are helpful in maintaining its position in the breast pocket and minimise rotation of the implant. It also shows less incidence of capsular contracture which is a common complication in breast augmentation when scarring causes the formation of a hardened capsule around the implants.

They are less likely to leak. Since most teardrop breast implants are made of silicone gel, there is less possibility that they would burst and leak into the body. In fact, once a silicone-filled breast implant ruptures, it stays inside the shell and still maintains its form.


The cons:

Teardrop breast implants tend to be more expensive. They are priced considerably double of the saline breast implants. The total cost of using teardrop implants still depends on where you live and what technique is used to place them.


They may rotate. And when they do, it may be very noticeable, since they hold a specific shape, unlike the round breast implants.

They can only be placed by making an incision under the breast. While plastic surgeons can make alternative and unnoticeable incisions to accommodate the placement of round implants, these anatomical breast implants can only fit using the inframammary incision (under the boobs).

They may cause a longer/more prominent scar. Because they can only be placed using the inframammary incision, which is longer compared to transumbilical (incision above the navel), transaxillary (incision on a hidden underarm crease), and periareolar (incision around the nipple), it may also take longer to heal and a more visible scar can be expected.


In the end, it doesn’t matter which is better, round or teardrop breast implants. Both can enhance your breasts in different approaches, and both can potentially make your breasts look fake. It is a matter of proportion; the breast implant shape and size that fits your body wins it all.

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